Nepal does better than India on the hunger index

November 03, 2017

Kathmandu: The Global Hunger Index (GHI), now in its 12th year, ranks countries based on four key indicators — under nourishment, child mortality, child wasting and child stunting.

The report released by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) ranked 119 countries in the developing world, nearly half of which have ‘extremely alarming’, ‘alarming’ or ‘serious’ hunger levels.

India stood at 97th position in last year’s rankings.
“India is ranked 100th out of 119 countries, and has the third highest score in all of Asia — only Afghanistan and Pakistan are ranked worse,” IFPRI said in a statement.

The Central African Republic has the highest GHI score and has been categorized as “extremely alarming”. It is followed by Chad, Sierra Leone, Madagascar and Zambia. Fourteen countries, including China, Peru, Brazil, Panama and Azerbaijan, have made significant improvements since 2000, the report said.

“According to 2017 GHI scores, the level of hunger in the world has decreased by 27 percent from the 2000 level,” IFPRI said in its report.