The OneWorld UK/USA centre pioneered the world's first portal on global justice and early podcasts; civil society's first spider and search engine; the first free web-radio exchange service; and some of the earliest videos on the internet. From its inception, OneWorld's campaigning editorial rang warning bells on child abuse, global warming etc. The Centre is not only working in the UK, but has also worked in Egypt, Nigeria and Cambodia.

In the UK, OneWorld's web application 're:act' recommends highly targeted opportunities for people to give their time, money or support to good causes as they browse the internet. Similarly, OneWorld’s 'lobby map' tool enables campaigning organisations to turn their online supporters into powerful local lobbies. 

In Egypt, OneWorld has launched the Learning about Living project known as Ma3looma, which focuses on reaching those at risk of contracting HIV using a mobile phone counselling
service. OneWorld's SMS question-and-answer services have been used over half a million times by young Nigerians to access critical information on sexual and reproductive health
issues. OneWorld is also harnessing the potential of new media to promote youth’s health and rights in Cambodia.