Nepal firm commits to environment friendly devices

September 24, 2017

Kathmandu: Wise choice and use of household electrical devices is crucial for energy saving, Managing Director of CG Corp Global Nirvana Chaudhary said at an event organized on Friday to encourage people to use energy saving technologies. Highlighting the long-term benefits of using energy-efficient items, he believes that energy saving movement can start from home.

The event entitled 'Energy Saved is Energy Earned, New Era Begins with Inverter Technology' was organized by CG Electronics - the sole distributor of LG products for Nepal.

"The company has also signed with United Nations (UN) to work on its sustainable development goals (SDGs)," he said, adding that the company is always committed to support the global goal of UN for the betterment of the next generation.

Issuing a statement, CG said that LG has introduced a large collection of home appliances with inverter technology. "The variety of products - refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, microwave oven and vacuum cleaners -- having inverter technology saves both energy and money of consumers."

"The electrical products that have inverter technology come with a guarantee of 10 years," the statement reads. "The adoption of the products having inverter technology will help reduce electricity bills each month. LG wants to sell lifestyle not products."

Answering to the question why should one choose LG products over other brands Bryan Park, managing director of LG Electronics answered that LG saves more energy in comparison to other brands. “We were the first company to introduce inverter technology in electronics. In comparison with other brands, LG refrigerators save 36 percent energy, air conditioners saves 70 percent and washing machines save 26 percent energy”, he further added.

He also said that to increase the awareness among people about the benefits of saving energy they are organizing promotional campaigns to make people aware about LG inverter products. They will also aware people about the benefits from their retailers, dealers, and different events. They are also planning to organize some big events this year for public where they will showcase all our inverter technology products.

Source: My Republica